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[MANUAL ONLY] Advanced Drivability Diagnostic Strategies

[MANUAL ONLY] Advanced Drivability Diagnostic Strategies

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This manual brings practical and real-world tests to quickly isolate a root cause for drivability and trouble code faults on all modern gasoline-powered engines.

Traditional diagnostics tell us to ‘check the basics’, but that means hours of compression, vacuum, fuel pressure/volume and other time-consuming tests.

So, we’ve developed top-down tests for engine mechanical and engine management that help you drill down along the most effective diagnostic path.

We’ll show you the latest ‘geeky’ tools like transducers and processed Scan Tool functions, but we’ll also include great ways to get results using the Scan Tools and traditional test equipment you already own. 


  1. Section 1: Introduction
    • The Diagnostic Process
    • Scan Tools
    • Lab Scopes
    • Probes & Jumpers
    • Symptom Tables
  2. Section 2: Cyl. Contribution & Ignition
    • Misfire Detection
    • Scan Tool Diagnostics
    • Exhaust Pulse Testing
    • 5-Gas Misfire Testing
    • Primary & Secondary
    • Current & IC/Feedback
  3. Section 3: Engine Fueling
    • Adaptive Fuel Control
    • Rear Fuel Trim
    • Exhaust Leaks
    • Oxygen Sensors
    • Wide-Range Sensors
    • Pressurization & Injection
    • 5-Gas No-Start Testing
  4. Section 4: Base Engine & Breathing
    • Finding Vacuum Leaks
    • Finding Breathing Faults
    • MAP & MAF Testing
    • Volumetric Efficiency
    • Mechanical Testing
    • Relative Compression
    • In-Cylinder Transducers
    • Intake Transducers
    • Crankcase Transducers