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Advanced Scan Tool Diagnostics

Advanced Scan Tool Diagnostics

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This all-new Scan Tool manual was built using a completely different approach – to show the best PIDs, controls and other Scan Tool functions to use for each diagnosis.

We’ve reinvented Scan Tool training because button-pushing and menu navigation doesn’t make you more successful. Rather, success comes when you know your Scan Tool so well that you can set the flowchart aside and ‘make up’ your own diagnostic path.

Not only is this path more accurate – it’s quite a bit shorter than the flowchart. There are dozens of examples of this strategy in action. 


  1. Introduction
    • Generic vs. Aftermarket
    • OBD II Modes
    • Scan Tool Strategies
    • Scan Tool No-Com. Faults
    • Acronyms
  2. Powertrain
    • CCM
    • EVAP Monitors
    • Fuel Trim Monitors
    • O-2 Sensor Monitors
    • O-2 Sensor Heater Monitors
    • EGR Monitors
    • Catalyst Efficiency Monitors
    • Camshaft Timing Monitors
    • Misfire Monitors
    • Air Pump Monitors
    • Thermostat Monitors
    • Cross-Monitor Diagnostics
  3. Body & Chassis
    • Universal Diag. Rules
    • Network Faults
    • Body & Chassis Case Studies